GeneaNet: Geolocate your Pictures of Headstones and Memorials on Google Maps

Posted by admin on Jul 31, 2012

You can geolocate your pictures of headstones and memorials on Google Maps.

Just enter the name of the city/town and the street address to automatically geolocate your pictures.

Then, you and other members can search for a picture and easily view the nearby headstones and memorials on Google Maps.

Geolocate your pictures

Select the ‘Pictures > Headstones & Memorials’ item in the drop down menu at the top right of the screen:

Click the ‘Update’ icon in the last column of the list:

Click ‘Edit Description’ in the ‘Edit’ menu:

Enter a country, region, subregion/county, city/town, and a street address, then click ‘Apply location’ to preview the location on the map.

Click the ‘OK’ button below the map and your picture is now geolocated on Google Maps:

View the nearby headstones and memorials

When you are viewing a picture of headstone or memorial, click the ‘Target’ icon next to the street address to open Google Maps:

Click the link ‘View the nearby headstones and memorials’ at the top of the map:

The map shows the headstones and memorials within the 10 km from the site in question:

Of course, you can also use the Google Street View feature:

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