The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 9.0.2 Update Released

Posted by admin on Apr 4, 2012

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The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 9.0.2 has been released.


• Branches: Names on the page showing which people belonged to the selected branch were being abbreviated (fixed).
• Cemeteries: The rounded corners on the map were not showing properly in some browsers (fixed).
• Cemeteries: Cemetery notes displayed as part of map bubbles were sometimes malformed (fixed).
• Citations: The form used to locate sources when adding a new ciatation would not work if the user pasted in the search criteria and then submitted the form (fixed).
• Export: The proprietary Zoom and Place Level values will now be exported with a full-tree export.

• Import: It was no longer possible to import a file directly into a chosen branch (fixed).
• Languages: A few minor translation errors were fixed in various language files.
• Maps: The geocoding feature ws missing of bypassing many places added recently because the value of the latitude/longitude fields was “null” (fixed).
• Maps: The scale indicator was missing from the new maps (fixed).
• Media: Descriptions for media items linked to living individuals were being shown when the visitor did not have rights to see them (several places; fixed).
• Media: Support for FLV videos was added.
• Media: Media linked to an individual’s parental family was not being shown on the individual page when the option to show it was enabled (fixed).
• Media: Image maps were not being created properly when the linked individuals contained quotes in their names (fixed).
• Media: The Slide Show link was still showing in some places even if the feature was disabled (fixed).
• Miscellaneous: Some links did not work when viewed on pages hosted in a subfolder (fixed).
• Miscellaneous: The “session_register” function was eliminated because it will no longer work on PHP 5.4 (all corresponding functionality retained).
• Most Wanted: The button to select photos was not working (fixed).
• NicEdit: The NicEdit inline editor now allows you to edit the HTML directly (button on far right).
• People: Birth and death prefixes will now be omitted from the page title if those dates do not exist.
• Places: Doing a search that included family events while logged in with an associated person ID was causing a database error (fixed).
• Places: New Place records were being assigned to a tree, even if “Assign place records to trees” was set to “No” (fixed).
• Places: If places are not being linked to trees and a user assigned to a tree created a new place, that place was then invisible to that user on the Admin/Places page (fixed).
• Places: The listing for places starting with a selected letter was not respecting the selected tree, if there was one (fixed).
• PDF: The PDF report displaying the individual page data was not saving the cookie for preferred paper size (fixed).
• Profile: The “Edit Profile” screen was not consistent (both in fields and in validation) with other similar screens (fixed).
• Reports: The CSV reports were showing as text and could not be easily downloaded as a .csv file (fixed).
• Review: Proposed changes on custom events did not show the event title on the review screen (fixed).
• Search: It was impossible to search for a person or family ID if you were not using the standard ID prefixes (fixed).
• Statistics: The “More Statistics” link on the tree detail page (showtree.php) was supposed to point to statistics.php (fixed).
• Suggest: The “Suggest” tab was showing on some pages (instead of the “Edit” tab) when the user was logged in with full edit rights (fixed).

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