Legacy Family Tree Update Released

Posted by admin on Apr 4, 2012

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Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Census List Tool – We needed to add a new tabbed interface for all of the new features and options we have added. Lot’s of work has been done and and we think you will love all the new features and options. Enjoy.
• Census List Tool Webinar – If you missed the live webinar please take the time to watch a recording of the Census Tool Webinar (click here to watch it).
• Book Reports – Title Pages – The border lines now match the Page Setup settings. Fixed.
• Book Reports – When adding Special Text Entries, the Title of the entry now shows in the Contents List (instead of just “Special Text Entry:”). Fixed.
• Chart Reports – Record Selection setting (for example: print all records for a Focus Group) was reset to the individual after printing the report. Fixed.
• County Check Report – There was an error when saving the report options. Fixed.
• Family Group Record – When using the Page x of y numbering format, the Bibliography should be numbered with it. Fixed.
• FamilySearch – Changed the 95 year rule to be 110 years as requested by FamilySearch. Fixed.

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