GeneaNet ‘Guest’ and ‘Admin’ Access Rights

Posted by admin on Nov 16, 2012

‘Guest’ and ‘Admin’ Access Rights are available in your GeneaNet Public Online Family Tree (GeneWeb).

– Private data in your family tree is available (read only) to members with ‘Guest’ Access Rights.

– Members with ‘Admin’ Access Rights can edit your genealogy data.

Create new ‘Guest’ and ‘Admin’ Access Rights

Select the ‘Contacts > Address Book’ item in the drop down menu at the top right of the screen:

Your Address Book looks like the following screenshot.

– Search/Select Contacts: you can use the Search box or select an item the left sidebar, and you can also select the first letter of the name of your Contacts in the ‘Go to’ drop down list.

– Contact Information: you can edit some information and send a message to your Contacts.

– Statistics: program counts visits in the same day as one visit so you can easily see if your Contact is accessing your family tree every day of the week.

Click the ‘Add a Person’ button at the top right of the screen to invite people to be added to your Address Book and to be given ‘Guest’ and ‘Admin’ Access Rights to your Online Family Tree:

Enter the the name (or the GeneaNet username) and the email adress, then select the Access Rights to be given to every person you want to invite (address, expiry date, language, etc. are optional):

If there are many search results, you will be asked to select the correct person to invite:

An email will be automatically sent to every invited person.

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