GeneaNet: Upload and Share Indexes

Posted by admin on Mar 8, 2012

Sharing information is second nature to most genealogists and GeneaNet lets you easily upload and share your birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial indexes to help other genealogists in their research.

The uploaded indexes are your property and you can delete them at any time.

Of course, you can also read indexes uploaded by other GeneaNet members.

Select the ‘Uploads > Indexes’ item in the drop down menu at the top right of the screen:

Upload Index

You must create a delimited CSV text file to upload your genealogy index.

A date is a three-part value (year, month and day) and a name is a two-part value (surname and first names).



Maximum file size is 10 MB.

Manage Indexes

Click ‘Edit’:

You can easily edit, display, download and delete your indexes:

You can browse and search in your Index:

Search indexes uploaded by other GeneaNet members

Select the ‘Search > Archive & Indexes’ tab in the main GeneaNet menu, click ‘Collaborative Indexes’, then fill in the search form:

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