FamilyTreeFactory Update Released

Posted by admin on Mar 2, 2012

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FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• At the Gedcom import, the function Incorrect orders of spouses/Fix to match the dates of marriage could fail if marriage data for civil and religious marriages were stored in the Gedcom file. This bug has been fixed.
• At the Gedcom import of a NAME tag with two slashes positioned directly one after another, a wrong warning has been output and a single slash has been read as surname. This bug has been fixed.

• At the Gedcom import of Gedcom files including “1 DEAT Y[es]” tags without following “2 DATE xxx” tags it was possible that the death date deceased was saved also for persons, whose individual record did not include such tag. This bug has been fixed.
• In the Personal Data dialog, Personal Data tab, Attributes and Events sub-tab, the dropdown list Preposition for ‘Killed in action’ places now includes the new option without preposition.
• In the Personal Data dialog, Personal Data tab, Father and Mother sub-tab, there is a new button Part… (Part the person from the parents). Using this function, the current person can be parted from the records of the father and/or of the mother. Contrary to the function of the same name on the Partners and Children sub-tab, children area, this function will also work in case of an integrity error with missing references from the parents to the child.
• In the Treeview Options dialog, Graphic Content tab, Tree Structure, Orientation and Relatives list, there is a new option for descendant trees Only descendants with parners. This option allows to exclude descendants without partners from the structure.
• The option Notes for data that are not output… Partnerships and children in the Treeview Option dialog, Box Content tab, Output Personal Data list, is now valid also for the siblings of ancestors in ancestor trees.
• In the Select Person dialog, the hint including personal data now additionally schows the names of up to two partners to facilitate the identification of persons with equal names.
• Some small improvements and corrections.

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