TMG Utility 7.2 Update Released

Posted by admin on Feb 24, 2012

Other Tools – Windows – Freeware

TMG Utility 7.2 has been released.


• Added the Filter by sentence option to the Make P1 Male feature.
• Added more date formats to the Add Events feature including support for partial dates; as part of this change, some localized date formats are no longer supported.
• Removed the Export Sentences, Import Sentences, Rename Role, and Rename Language features; these duplicate features in TMG 8 and/or were invalidated by database changes in TMG 8.
• Changed the name of the “compatability.ini” file to “compatibility.ini” to reflect the proper spelling of the word.
• Moved the log files to the My DocumentsTMG Utility Logs folder.
• Fixed a bug where Change Citation Parts would refuse to modify a field if the result was a single character.

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