The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 9 Update Released

Posted by admin on Feb 7, 2012

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The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 9 has been released.

New & Improved:

• Look and Feel: Most page elements have been restyled for a more modern appearance.
• Templates: Three new templates have been added, and several of the older ones have been updated.
• Speed: The introduction of “image sprites” and other techniques should allow most pages to load significantly faster.
• Sharing: Social media icons will now allow visitors to your site to more easily “spread the word” (can be deactivated).
• Timeline: Several improvements to this page will make it an interesting destination for each person in your database.
• Google Maps: TNG is now using the latest Google maps engine (API 3). A developer key is no longer required.
• Geocoding: New places are now automatically geocoded with latitude and longitude info, and existing places can be geocoded in large batches.
• Rich Editing: Histories and other elements can now be composed in an inline “WYSIWYG” content editor.
• Media Sorting: New tools make it easier to organize your images and other media.
• Citations: Sources can now be created from the same screen where you cite them, and a “Copy Last” button allows you to easily re-cite the source you used most recently.
• Living & Private: New user rights allow you to distinguish access rights to these two groups of people.
• Mod Manager: Several upgrades make it a more intuitive process to add or remove third-party customizations.

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