New GeneaNet ‘Search by Alternate Spelling of Name’ Option

Posted by admin on Feb 13, 2012

The GeneaNet Search by Alternate Spelling of Name is a powerful feature that will help you find your ancestors.

You can add your own alternate spellings of name in the GeneaNet database so they will automatically apply in your future searches.

This feature is reserved for GeneaNet Club Privilege members.

Click ‘Alternate Spelling’ in the search form:

Select the alternate speelings of name you want to be added in the search results list or click ‘Edit’ to add/remove some alternate spellings:

You can add/remove some alternate spellings of name to/from the GeneaNet database:

You can also try the new ‘Phonetic Search’ option which is available in the ‘Other’ section:

These new search options are reserved for GeneaNet Club Privilege members.

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