GenoPro 2011- Update Released

Posted by admin on Dec 15, 2011

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GenoPro 2011- has been released.


• New internal architecture for smart stretching objects while moving family branches with the mouse.
• Automatic optimization of Pedigree Links to remove redundant vertical points, thus making it easier to move parents and children and have the Pedigree Link following them.
• [New feature] New option for Single Page Printing, which will adjust the layout and paper orientation to print the family tree on a single page. This option is available in Page Layout dialog and/or from the GenoMap’s context menu.
• [New feature] Add children to a family where the mouse is located, rather than always adding children at the right end of the family line.

• [New feature] Added the Liaison family relationship. At the moment, this relationship is available for drawing genograms.
• [New feature] Added interfaces to support script debugging, breakpoints and/or bind a JavaScript or VBScript to a debugger.
• Richer and more descriptive tooltips for every type of objects, which includes individuals, families, twins, labels, etc.
• Added icons and keyboard accelerators to menu items Compress Tree and Inflate Tree.
• Fixed bug where an horizontal scroll bar with incorrect scrolling would appear when displaying a drop-down list with very long text.
• Fixed bug where Special Symbols would be difficult to select (therefore difficult to move) because out of range of the family object.
• New window for localizing multi-lines text on dialogs and error messages.
• Fixed crashing bug in the Table Layout when pasting an invalid Permanent ID.
• Improvement of multiple windows to be resized, or be minimized while remaining opened.
• [New feature] Option in the Preferences dialog to not display the grid lines when creating a new document.
• Added the Yakut (Sakha) language, and updated over a dozen language packs.
• Fixed bug where some hyperlinks would not work when clicking with the mouse.
• Several other minor improvements in various dialogs.

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