Nicolas Cage First, Now John Travolta’s 1860 Doppelganger Photo on eBay

Posted by admin on Oct 3, 2011

One photograph collector in Ontario, Canada, claims he has found a picture of John Travolta from a previous incarnation in 1860. The 150-year-old photo of a man who looks remarkably like Travolta has been put up for sale on eBay. The photo is listed at $50,000 or nearest offer, and while it has a large price tag comes with free shipping and gift wrapping.

The listings comes after another antique dealer joked that he has a photo that is proof Nicolas Cage is more than just an a-list actor – he’s also a vampire who lived during the American Civil War. The eBay seller claims to have a 4” by 2.5” carte de visite photo from around 1870 of a man who looks exactly like the 47-year-old star of Con Air, Ghost Rider and The Rock.

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