Second Site 4.1 Update Released

Posted by admin on Sep 21, 2011

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Second Site 4.1 has been released.


• Added the RSS Feed User Item which produces a list of entries from an RSS feed and can be used to show blog entries.
• Added the Page Section property to certain User Items to allow placing them in the SideBar or Extra sections of Custom Pages.


• Updated JavaScript to use a new version of jQuery (v1.6.4); this avoids a problem in the v1.6.2 version of jQuery where some sites did not display properly in IE8.
• Changed the [Duplicate] button such that the new item is placed immediately after the original. This affects the User Item list, the Flag Events list, the Icon Flags list, the Tag Groups list, and the Web Fonts list. Hold the Shift key when clicking [Duplicate] to get the old behavior where the new item is the last sibling of the original item.
• Changed the PUP button such that it only appears when JavaScript is enabled; the PUP function requires JavaScript and so the change means SS will not show a button that is inoperable.
• Changed citation handling for the Master Place Index so that if place comments include [CIT:] / [:CIT] code(s), the page will include citation references and a citation list.
• Improved error message for invalid flag labels used in Flag Events.


• Adjusted the script used with the Use Frame Script option to handle sites using Person Page Groups.
• Fixed a bug where changing the value of checkboxes in the Map Editor did not work properly.
• Adjusted various chart windows so that the Flag Filter values are uppercased.
• Fixed a bug where the Place Index was not created properly when the TMG project had more than 32,000 places.
• Added “Danish” to 2ndsite.ini and made other corrections and additions to Danish-specific configuration files and Format files.
• Fixed a bug where the “Place” value in List Panels and Table Panels did not include the [L1] place part.
• Changed the method used to parse lat/long values to avoid a locale issue.
• Fixed a bug where the registered user’s e-mail address and serial number did not appear in the Help > About… window.
• Fixed a bug where the box-shadow property in various Stylesheet sections did not work.

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