Pocket Genealogist 4.03 Update Released

Posted by admin on Sep 7, 2011

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Pocket Genealogist 4.03 has been released.


• Added “BMP” option back to Advanced Options to allow synchronizing BMP files (instead of JPG) for devices that don’t support JPG. (Windows CE “Core” devices for example)
• Fixed bug when returning from “Tools” menu where the action icons for the selected database aren’t properly set.
• Fix to date calculator which could give an incorrect date when subtracting a Y M D value from a date.
• Initial support for The Master Genealogist V8.
• Support for Legacy 7 mtDNA.
• “Tools”, “Find”, “To Do” changed to merge “by Task” and “by Repository”. (You now select the type from the find dialog same as the other “Finds”)
• Keep track of last ‘type’ selected for each Find so that when find is called again, that ‘type’ will be selected by default in the drop down list.
• Update to Norwegian Translations

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