FamilyTreeFactory Update Released

Posted by admin on Sep 7, 2011

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FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• If in the Treeview Options dialog, Automatc Width/Height tab, aim Width/height ratio of the graphic, the checkbox Use settings from Printer Page was not checked and an arbitrary values has been entered for the Set Width/Height Ratio, this value could be changed to the value from the Printer Page by performing a Printer Setup or by canceling the dialog. This bug has been fixed.
• In the version, an attempt to start the program once again in a second instance led to a Windows error message Runtime Error xxx. There was no remedy for it. This bug has been fixed.
• In the Treeview Options dialog, Profiles tab, the profile name Default Settings for New Treeviews was misinterpretative. The correct name is Default Settings for New Family Files/Imported Gedcom Files. The name will has been corrected.

• Creating a Free Geo Object with specific shapes using mouse clicks, and holding down the shift key to ensure mbox-column and mbox-row coordinates in 500 intervals, the mouse could jump to an unpredictable position on the monitor. This bug has been fixed.
• If a comma was placed at the first position in a name data field, and if the alphabetic sorting of multipart surnames was activated, a Range Error could occur. This bug has been fixed.
• At the loading of the Treeview Options profile [ Factory Default Settings ], closing the dialog, opening the dialog again, and then saving of the profile as default settings for new treeviews, the normal Treeview Options have been saved, but not the default settings for Free Text, Image and Geo Objects, Column/Row Numbers, Duplicate Connection Lines and Person Indexes. This resulted for example in the color black for all duplicate connection lines. This bug has been fixed.
• In the Personal Data menu there is a new function Create List if Image and Document Files. All photos and documents, which are referenced in the current family file, are listed and sorted alphabetically. Each mentioned file has a sub-list with all referencing record numbers. A copy function copies the complete list including the referencing record numbers into the Windows clipboard. Out of the Windows clipboard, the list can be inserted, edited and printed in a word processor or an editor. In addition, the files can be opened directly out of the dialog if their file type is linked to a suitable program in Windows.
• In the function Load Free Objects from File… beside free placeable objects files *.fpo now treeview files *.trv can be selected to insert all included objects in the current treeview.
• Exporting very large treeviews to a PDF file may require a high resolution PDF reference raster. Since the driver AdobePS, which was recommended in the manual, is not available for Windows Vista and Windows 7, a special driver SBDRefRaster can be downloaded from This driver runs under Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bit) and offers resolutions up to 9600 pixel per inch. The ZIP file includes an installation guide.
• Sorting file cards by names has been improved.
• Numerous small improvements and corrections.

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