LTools 1.3.14 Update Released

Posted by admin on Aug 30, 2011

Other Tools – Windows – Freeware

LTools 1.3.14 has been released.


• Advanced Tag Living – added Use this age for Head of Household field. If Use this age for Head of Household is set to any value greater than zero, Advanced Tag Living will only tag individuals who appear to be older than this age in the Target Year.
• Send Reminders – allow user to specify a database to use for sending reminders. Prior to this, Send Reminders would use the last open database. Just go to Options | Preferences and set Reminders | ReminderDatabase to the full path of the database you wish to use for sending reminders.
• List Events – fixed bug involving use of ” character in various name fields.
• Advanced Set Living++ – fixed problem where it was not using the marriage date to compute the Estimated Birth Year if it had already computed one from the parent’s birth date. Now it computes both and uses the min of the two. By doing so more individuals will be marked as “not living”.

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