GeneaNet: Data Privacy

Posted by admin on Apr 22, 2011

When creating your GeneaNet Online Family Tree and when uploading a new GEDCOM file, you will be asked for the configuration of your privacy options: Semi-Public, Private or Public.

You can change your privacy options at any time by clicking ‘Privacy’ in the ‘Online Family Tree’ tab:

I have set individuals who lived 100 years ago as private but they are still displayed in my family tree.

If all of the living persons are publicly displayed in your family tree, go to ‘Online Family Tree > Update > Advanced Options > Maintenance’, then reinitialize your privacy options. If a living person is publicly displayed in your family tree, log in as ‘Wizard’ to your Public Online Family Tree (GeneWeb) then verify that no nobility title has been entered for this individual. You can set the nobility title display option at the bottom of the individual page.

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