Behold 0.99.22 beta Update Released

Posted by admin on Aug 3, 2011

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Behold 0.99.22 beta has been released.


• Do not allow updating of default settings. It is confusing. Only allow custom settings in Behold files.
• Don’t allow multi selection on the Organize Tags or Reports pages.
• Update the Behold sun image on the install with the current Behold banner color.
• Get the arrow up, arrow down and enter keys to complete editing in the Organize pages and move to the previous/next line and select the item for editing. This is a great convenience for renaming all tags or text quickly.
• Bold any IDs and Text on the Organize pages if they are different than the default value.
• Add a “Default” button showing the item’s default Text value on the Tags and Report pages that allows them to be reset to the default.
• Add an “Edit CONC” button, and remove the “Show File” and “Show All buttons” (which are not really needed) to make room for it.
• Many fixes.

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