Second Site 4.0 Update Released

Posted by admin on Jul 13, 2011

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Second Site 4.0 has been released.


• Added the Tag Groups facility
• Added the Flag Events facility which supports adding content to person page entries based on flag values
• Added the Virtual Witnesses facility
• Added the ability to group person page files into subfolders to reduce the number of files in single folder; see the Use Person Page Groups property in the Page Sizes section

• Added the SS-LINK-TEXT exhibit code
• Added the Show in Person Entry Chart List property to all charts to control the inclusion of links to the chart from the Person Entry Chart List
• Expanded Web Fonts from 90 font families to 198 font families
• Added new Tag Label processing: if a TMG tag label begins with “ss-” and ends with “-nolabel”, the label is suppressed in any tabular displays that include the label in the output; for more information, see the Special Tag Types section of the Tag Groups page


• Updated JavaScript to use new versions of jQuery (v1.6.2) and related libraries
• Added the Logs > Open Publish Log command to the Utilities menu
• Moved the File > Open Log File command to the Utilities menu and renamed it to Logs > Open Make Site Log
• Adjusted the HTML and CSS for the surname character index; the new version supports new text-align options including left, center, and right, and colors change on hover or focus
• Added the Icon Type property to the Icon Description User Item to allow showing buttons that are included with Second Site
• Added the Family Tree DNA 111 Marker Test to the set of DNA tests that Second Site will recognize
• Improved the logic for converting DNA test results from one test type to another; for people with multiple tests, Second Site will now choose the test to convert by comparing the testing lab and the number of markers rather than using the first test found
• Converted the map viewer to use version 3 of the Google Maps Javascript API when the Mapping Service is set to Google Maps; the map editor still uses version 2 of the Google Maps Javascript API because it relies on features that Google has not added to version 3 yet; this may cause slight differences between maps in the map editor and maps in the generated site
• Added the chart-background-color property to the Stylesheets.System.Indented Chart Colors section
• Adjusted links in indented charts where Use Chart Colors is checked to use the chart text colors rather than the site link colors
• Removed the box shadows from chart boxes in the Dark with Orange and Mint Swirl Themes
• Changed VCF Chart User Item so that links to members of the chart will scroll the image to the proper location; the HTML now uses a background image and absolutely-positioned links rather than an IMG element with an image map; implemented “vcfa” class in system.sss as part of this change
• Changed the parsing rules for names in source elements such that using the escape character (“”) before a comma will defeat the special meaning of the comma, i.e., the comma will not indicate the end of a surname
• Adjusted the pop-up pedigree to set the focus to an item in the pop-up to make the site easier to use for keyboard-only visitors
• Added border-radius to indented chart buttons (Collapse all, Expand all)
• Changed the position of the up arrow in duplicate boxes so that it is pinned to the lower right corner


• Fixed a bug where the Make Site command was unavailable after the Make Site command failed due to the project being open in TMG
• Added a workaround for a problem with Bing/Virtual Earth maps where maps do not always appear when browsing with Firefox 4
• Fixed a bug in the no spouses version of the Descendant Chart (Box) where the second instance of a person was not added to the chart if Suppress Duplicates was checked; the person is now added and marked as a duplicate
• Fixed a bug where the layout.htm file for a custom Layout was not used if the custom Layout was used as the Default Layout

Information for Theme and Script Authors:

• All Formats have been modified to support Tag Groups
• Removed BR elements before tag tables and replaced with a top-margin of 1em (multiple Formats affected)

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