LTools 1.3.13 Update Released

Posted by admin on Jul 29, 2011

Other Tools – Windows – Freeware

LTools 1.3.13 has been released.


• Help – converted more LTools to Wiki Web Help.
• Help – added the ability to use both standard Windows HTML Help or Wiki Web Help. The default will be Wiki Web Help. To change this, go to Options | Preferences and change UseWikiWebHelp (under Behavior) to False. Please note that the standard MS HTML Help will no longer be maintained. All new LTools will come with Wiki Web Help only, and changes to existing LTools will only be reflected in the Wiki Web Help.

• Help on Help – added this item to the Help menu to instruct users how to switch from Wiki Web Help back to the old Help system.
• Tidy Legacy HTML – made the text of the LTools META tag configurable under Options | Preferences (see StringMeta).
• Tidy Legacy HTML – added a single warning when you click the Pre-Processor… button to alert the user to the possibility of overwriting existing HTML files.
• Find Missing Information – fixed bug involving non-escaping of apostrophes in Title and Suffix fields of the individual’s name.
• Set Special User IDs – changed the Ahnentafel numbering to go all the way up to the 50 characters allowed by Legacy in the User ID.

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