Brother’s Keeper 6.4.27 Update Released

Posted by admin on Jul 7, 2011

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Brother’s Keeper 6.4.27 has been released.


• When making HTML files for group sheets it was not showing family picture for the spouse if the spouse did not have individual picture. Fixed.
• Fixed problem of extra space on Register Book lineage if showing only first name, and the person had something in the Last Name field.
• The Numeric Display and Alpha Display can show Russian, Baltic, Hebrew, and characters from Central Europe. Fixed.
• Changed MEDI tag in gedcom to be 3 MEDI below 2 CALN instead of 2 MEDI
• On the Source screen, if NO non-blank field is checked, warn the user that nothing will print on a footnote.
• When adding a new person, it looked for Alternate names ONLY if there was at least 1 person with that as the main name. Now there is an option to show matching alternate names even if no one has that for the main name.
• If you happen to have any names that are only one word and that same word is in the Last Name field, it can cause error 5 on some book reports or gedcom export. For example the full name is only SMITH and you have SMITH in the last name field. Fixed.

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