Ancestral Quest 12.1.32 Update Released

Posted by admin on Jul 29, 2011

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Ancestral Quest 12.1.32 has been released.


• Skins/Color Themes: Four (4) new skins were added. One of these is called, “Classic” and approximates the default color scheme from earlier builds of AQ.
• Color: A new preference was added to the Color selection screen that allows you to select high contrast tabs on the main views. In build 31, basic color schemes had high contrast tabs. The new default for this setting is to NOT have high contrast tabs. If you like the tabs to be more bold, turn on this setting.

• Toolbar: Adjusted a couple of the toolbar icons that users indicated were not intuitive.
• Toolbar: The toolbar icon to search the World Wide Web now has a shortcut key associated with it:
• Menus: Added menu items in the Help menu and the Internet menu to provide help on how to get the most out of researching and from within AQ.
• Researching on the Web: In earlier builds of AQ, the default web search has been to search This has been changed to the free search on For users who prefer to search, they can reset the default in the “Internet” menu using the “Favorite Sites” screen.
• Searching FamilySearch has made some changes recently to the method of searching the 1 billion records available on their site. AQ’s searching was updated to continue to correctly search these records.

Bug Fixes:

• Colors: A bug was introduced in build 31 that affected a few users. The wrong color was selected to display the relationship indicators, so the text blended into the background of the screen in such a way as to make these indicators hard to see. Fixed.
• Toolbars: In build 31, the background of the new toolbar icons did not always blend in to the toolbar properly. Fixed.

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