Ancestral Quest 12.1.31 Update Released

Posted by admin on Jul 13, 2011

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Ancestral Quest 12.1.31 has been released.

General Enhancements:

• Skins/Color Themes: You will now have a choice of keeping your current color scheme for the Pedigree and Family View, or of choosing from several predefined color schemes called ‘Skins’.
• Gender Icons: On the Family view, you can choose to show gender icons for each person shown. If you don’t show the gender icons, you will see ‘M’ or ‘F’ gender indicators next to each child.
• Text on Pedigree/Family Views: Additional refinements were made. If you want to adjust the text size, go to Preferences in the ‘Tools’ menu. (You can use the “Default” button to set the font to the new default.)

• On the Family View, if you make AQ’s window narrower, the fonts will become proportionately smaller
• In the ‘Fonts’ tab of the ‘Preferences’ screen, there is a checkbox for ‘Keep Pedigree and Family View fonts proportional to screen.’ Take the time to see how this option affects the text on these screens as you adjust the size of the AQ window, so you can set it according to your taste.
• Multiple Monitors: When certain dialog boxes were shown, and you had more than one monitor, some of the screens often appeared on the other monitor. AQ is monitor aware for most screens now.
• Scrapbook List Report: A new option allows you to list only scrapbook items with broken links.
• Program Startup: When you start AQ either for the first time, or later when it can’t find a file to automatically open, you get several options for how to begin. A new option is to start a file by importing from NFS.
• Backup File Names:In build 30, we added the ability to add date and time to the backup file name. AQ now allows you to specify date format as either DD MMM YYYYY or YYYY-MM-DD.
• Ancestry/Descendant Charts: On some older reports (like Ancestry/Descendant), there was no space in place names between the comma and next place. Adjusted most cases to have a space.

General Bug Fixes:

• Language Modules: If you were using a non-English language, and you downloaded a new build for which no text changes were made, AQ would insist that you hadn’t yet upgraded. Fixed.

Bug Fixes to nFS Features:

• Reading Notes/Sources from nFS: On or about 7/2/2011, FamilySearch changed the way they require AQ to read notes and sources. As a result, notes and sources from nFS can no longer be read using earlier builds of AQ. Build 31 implemented the new method of reading notes and sources from nFS.
• Language Issues: If you had selected a language other than English, it would properly show the dates from nFS on your review screens, but if you uploaded a date to nFS from your local file, the date would be sent to nFS in the selected language rather than in English. nFS didn’t expect this. The dates are now converted to English prior to being uploaded.

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