Legacy Family Tree Update Released

Posted by admin on Jun 7, 2011

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Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Book Reports – If a comma came right after a bolder portion of text, the comma alone might wrap to the next line. Fixed.
• Chart Reports – The color text and boxes options were not being saved. Fixed.
• Child List – The labels for Child Status, Relationship to Father, and Relationship to Mother now show if a source has been attached.
• Chronology Options – Timelines in color option and Cause of Death option are now saved.
• Descendant View – Error 94 ‘Invalid use of Null’ and missing descendant’s grid. Fixed.
• Family Group Records – Fixed some event field overwriting problems.

• FamilySearch – Fixed Reserved Temple Cards error.
• FamilySearch – Fixed Temple Card Update error.
• FamilySearch – Several improvements have been made to the temple card tracking code.
• File Maintenance – Added an additional null check test to File, File Maintenance, Check and Repair.
• GEDCOM Import – The Check for Valid Dates setting is now saved between imports.
• Help File – Includes an updated help file.
• Individual Report – Fixed some line spacing problems in the Children section.
• Legacy Charting – Updateded the install. Some users were having a problem were Charting wasn’t being installed correctly.
• Master Temple List – Added a few new Start and End dates which are used for potential problem reporting.
• Master Temple List – New temples have been added and spelling of a few names have been changed to match how FamilySearch is doing them now.
• Name Tags – Pictures were not printing on Address labels. Fixed.
• Photo Album – Fixed creaping top margin.
• Publishing Center – If a picture is pasted into a Special Text Entry box, it is removed when saved because pictures are not supported there.
• Repositories – Fixed a problem where master sources would lose the second repository that was attached to it if that repository record was combined with another one. Fixed.
• Source Footnotes on Book Reports – The last citation on a page that would continue onto the next page, sometimes wouldn’t. Fixed.
• Web Pages – An Invisible person’s name would still show in the Table of Contents as a link. Fixed.

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