The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 8.1.2 Update Released

Posted by admin on May 2, 2011

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The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 8.1.2 has been released.


• Albums: Albums linked to places sometimes did not show correctly on the Place page (fixed).
• Albums: If an album did not have a default photo, it would cause an error on the page of any individual it was linked to (fixed).
• Albums: Thumbnails were not showing if any person linked to those photos were marked as “private”, even if the visitor had rights to see them (fixed).
• Associations: Associations were only being displayed if notes were displayed with events (fixed).
• Calendar: In some cases the “Previous” month link did not work (fixed).
• Custom Event Types: Other language display values were not being saved with new records (fixed).

• Dates: The Julian date indicator (@#DJULIAN@) will now be recognized, and “[J]” will be displayed in place of the indicator on public pages.
• Export: The 2 RELA information linked to an association was not being exported (fixed).
• General: A few new place-based indexes were added to speed up some slow queries.
• General: The PHP function ereg_replace has been deprecated. Several instances of that function have been replaced with preg_replace (more to follow).
• Import: First/given names were being imported with a trailing space (fixed).
• Import: The PEDI relationship information was not being imported correctly (fixed).
• Login: In some cases a failed login was not showing any indication that the login had failed (fixed).
• Media: If a search on any of the public media pages resulted in no results, you will now see only one search box on the subsequent page.
• Media: Preview popups and slide show were not working in IE9 (fixed).
• Media: The right side of some images were getting truncated in IE7 (fixed).
• Mod Manager: The “installed” message was not being translated to languages besides English (fixed).
• Notes: Searching for special characters on the public Notes page would sometimes result in the special characters being displayed incorrectly (fixed).
• Person: If you elected to show “Personal Information” first by default on the individual page, the Google Map display was sometimes distorted (fixed).
• Places: Searches on the Admin/Places page for terms including an apostrophe resulted in a backslash being placed in the search field before the apostrophe on subsequent pages (fixed).
• Print: The printer-friendly window no longer includes background colors.
• Relationship: New messages have been added to provide better (albeit not perfect) translations for the statements that appear at the bottom of each relationship chart.
• Search: It was possible for someone to send their own max results value on the URL for a search query, the fear being that someone could download an entire database at once. Results will now be limited to the max value allowed on the Search People page.
• Templates: Each template footer will now include the TNG version number.
• Validation: Several scripts were tweaked to make sure they pass validation inspection.

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