GeneaNet: Upload and Import a GEDCOM File

Posted by admin on Dec 9, 2011

As seen last week, you can use our easy and intuitive family tree software to manually build your GeneaNet Online Family Tree.

But if you are using a personal genealogy software, you may want to upload and import a GEDCOM file to GeneaNet. Here’s how to do it:

1. Export a GEDCOM file from your genealogy software

Find here some screenshots to help you export a GEDCOM file from your genealogy software.

If your genealogy software is not listed, feel free to add some screenshots to help others genealogists!

2. Upload and import a GEDCOM file

Click ‘Update’ in the ‘Online Family Tree’ tab or click ‘Upload a GEDCOM file’ in the home page if you’re new to GeneaNet.

This will open a new page as shown below:

When done, click the ‘View/Edit’ button at the top right of the page:

The individual who has the most ancestors in your family tree will be automatically set as the ‘Family Tree Root’ (Sosa 1) but you can change it later.

When uploading a GEDCOM file, you can create a new Online Family Tree (‘Replace Data’ option) or you can add data to your curent Online Family Tree (‘Add Data’ option).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I manually update my Online Family Tree?

Yes, you must log in as ‘Wizard’ to your Public Online Family Tree (GeneWeb). Read this note for more.

Can I create multiple Online Family Trees?

You can have multiple separate lines in your Online Family Tree but this is considered a single family tree. You must create a new GeneaNet account to create a second Online Family Tree.

Does GeneaNet import notes from the GEDCOM file?

Yes, individual and family notes are automatically imported as well as event notes. You must exclude the notes when exporting a GEDCOM file from your genealogy software if you don’t want to import them to GeneaNet.

What is the url of my Public Online Family Tree (GeneWeb)?

The url of your Public Online Family Tree (GeneWeb) is where ‘username’ is your GeneaNet username. Url has the same format for every GeneaNet member.

What if my GEDCOM file is bigger that 10 MB?

You can upload and import a zipped GEDCOM file. If your zipped file is bigger than 10 MB, you can upload it on our FTP server at Club Privilege members can also ask for the creation of a personal FTP folder.

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