Brother’s Keeper 6.4.23 Update Released

Posted by admin on May 2, 2011

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Brother’s Keeper 6.4.23 has been released.


• Fixed a problem on the Custom Lists where if you were printing the Flags for a person, it would sometimes have the wrong flags if you printed a column to the left of the flag column that contained the name of the spouse, father, or mother.
• On the Register Book, there has been an option when showing lineage back to show either the first name or first and middle names. Now if you ask for first name, it will check the ‘First Name’ field for that person to see if that person has a two part first name and it will use that instead of the first word in the name.
• On the Ahnentafel Book, if the user picked the 3rd or 4th options for the ‘he/she married’ option, it would print all family events before the spouse name was printed. Fixed.
• If using the new Custom Wording on a Book report, and if printing a family event that had a description and not a location, it would sometimes not print that family event. Fixed.
• On most reports that can save as a text file, it will default to the same folder as the data files. Changed.
• On File, Locations, Change Globally, you can press Shift+F3 while on the bottom location field to change the field to normal case (first letter of each word upper case)

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