Ancestral Quest 12.1.29 Update Released

Posted by admin on May 20, 2011

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Ancestral Quest 12.1.29 has been released.


• Backups: You can now have AQ add the date and time to the name of a backup file. By default, the date is turned on. In ‘Preferences’ you can turn this off if you want backup filenames as before, and you can also ask for the time of day to be added to the backup filename.
• Backups: In the past, AQ would remind you every 10 times that you closed the file that you should backup. Now it will remind you every 3 times.
• Database Check/Repair: Additional refinements were made to find and fix additional reported issues.
• PDF Printing: The PDF-Exchange driver used by AQ requires 32-bit Windows. Users with 64-bit Windows were unable to print PDF files without the “Demo” watermark. AQ will now guide these users to download and use other free PDF creation drivers.

• GEDCOM Export to Flash Drive: In the early days of AQ, most people stored their data on floppy disks of 360KB. To keep users from inadvertently filling up precious room on the data floppy, AQ would not allow creating a GEDCOM file to the same removable disk. This same check was interfering with users now creating GEDCOM files to Flash Drives with much larger capacities. The check has been removed.
• Individual Edit Screen: Older computers would not allow as much information to fit on a screen as they do now. AQ had preferences for moving some data (either Other Events or LDS Data) to other screens. These preferences have been removed and Other Events will now always be on the main Individual Edit screen. If you have activated LDS data, it will now also always be on the main Individual Edit screen.


• Fonts: The Pedigree and Family View text would seem extra large if you had defined the Large (120 dpi) rather than Normal (96 dpi) fonts in Windows. Fixed.
• Fonts: Several screen that have lists (such as the Search for Individual, Order Spouses, Order Children, Other Events) would not put the correct spacing between columns if you had ‘Large Fonts’ defined in Windows. Fixed.
• 10 Children: If you had a family with 10 children in the Family view, and you clicked on the last child, sometimes AQ would improperly act as if you had clicked on ‘Add Child’. Fixed.
• File Closing: If you had opened two or more files, then closed them by using the ‘File|Close’ menu option, AQ would crash. Fixed. (This didn’t happen if you closed the files using the ‘X’ in the upper right corner of the program.)
• Modified Register: If you had set the # generations of the ‘Traceback’ to 0, you would expect that not only the list of names would be removed from the report, but that the parenthesis surrounding the list would be removed. This wasn’t happening. Fixed.
• Page of Testimony: The Page of Testimony (for Holocaust victims) was inadvertently deactivated in the last build. Fixed. (Only available for full version of AQ, not for AQ Basics.)
• GEDCOM Import: If you were using a non-English language, and you imported a date with a 3-character month abbreviation that didn’t match English, then the date wasn’t imported correctly. Fixed.
• Backup Folder: You can specify various folders in Preferences. If you had set one folder for your backup folder, and a different folder for your data folder, the restore process was suggesting that you restore to the backup folder rather than to the data folder. It now makes the proper recommendation.
• Pedigree Charts: If you had the rare situation when there was no death information, but there was burial information, and you had sources for the burial, the sources would print OK, but the footnote number would not show on the chart. Fixed.
• Publish a Family Book: If you included several “Individual Summary” reports as chapters in your published book, later chapters could get larger margins, and therefore less room to print the report, with the possibility that the report would hang. Fixed.
• PAF Database: If you were using a PAF database (.paf) and you had sources for the LDS “Seal to Parent” event, you might see your list of sources properly in the “Notes/Sources” screen, but if you used the ‘S’ button next to the event to see the list of sources, you might see the wrong sources. Fixed.
• PAF Database: If you had Seal to Parent sources and printed an Individual Summary page, you might see the wrong sources. Fixed.

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