Legacy Family Tree Update Released

Posted by admin on Apr 27, 2011

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Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Book Reports – The Compiler info at the bottom of the Table of Contents pages is now in the same position as the remainder of the report. (It was previously different because there were no page numbers on ToC pages.)
• Book Reports – When using some fonts, the leaders were not going all the way across the page. Fixed.
• Book Reports – With no Event subtitle phrase, there was no space between the first two events in the list. Fixed.
• Chronology View – Fixed some capitalization issues for Spouse lines.

• Chronology View – The projected average lifespan is now taken from the Options > Report tab on the Chronology View.
• Descendant Chart – If suppressing Private marriages, the marriage date was being shown when packing all info on one line. Fixed.
• Descendant View – If a person married the same spouse more than once, the marriage info for the first marriage was showing when the second marriage was highlighted. Fixed.
• Event Sentences – Fixed a problem with a resulting misspelled word when filling in an event sentence.
• Family Group Records – List-style events are now formatted better without truncating descriptions.
• Family View – Fixed picture icon for Husband. (Was getting confused with Wife’s).
• Family View – The Husb and Wife titles move to the left now when there is a picture but the option has been selected to not show it.
• FamilySearch – Fixed a display problem with possible duplicates.
• GEDCOM Import – Fixed a master source import problem.
• Individual Chart – Fixed some overwriting while in List mode for events.
• Internet Links – Changed the KindredKonnections links to the newer MyTrees version of those links.
• List Report Options – When not including row 2 or 3, their options are now greyed out.
• PAF Import – Fixed a problem with importing dates from a PAF file into the German version of Legacy.
• Pedigree Web Pages – If a person had more than two sets of parents, pages were not being created for the third and higher. Fixed.
• Photo Album Options – Added a Reset button.
• Photo Album, Scrapbook – Fixed some formatting problems. Added “Include Border Lines” option.
• Pictures – Choosing Tagged-Preferred pictures to show on Pedigree, Descendant, and Chronology Views now honors the tag setting.
• Publishing Center – Scrapbook chapters were losing the subject person if edited. Fixed.
• Publishing Center – The blank page after a Title page is now determined by the new “Start on an odd page number” option to the right of the “Generate Table of Contents” in the Publication Center.
• Scrapbook – Picture Reduction setting was not being saved when used in the Publication Center. Fixed.
• Sources – Added new source templates for 1911 Scotland Census.

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