Legacy Family Tree Update Released

Posted by admin on Mar 21, 2011

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Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• FamilySearch – Several fixes and some more speed improvements have been made to our FamilySearch integration tool.
• Address Report – Pictures were not printing. Now they are.
• Sources – All source citation number overruns have been fixed.
• Book Reports – If printing to HTML and including sources, marriage notes were being skipped. Fixed.
• Book Reports – When printing Bir,Chr,Dea,Bur notes for a spouse, some other type of notes had to also be selected. Fixed.
• Chronology Report – Margins not behaving correctly in metric mode. Fixed.

• Chronology Report – Now includes the source citation numbers for children’s name, birth, and death.
• Descendant Books – Choosing the option to “Single-space Children” was also single-spacing the children’s events which didn’t match the main person’s event spacing. Fixed.
• Descendant Chart – Now do better job of formatting when not using boxes.
• Descendant Chart – d’Aboville numbering was off after 22 generations. Fixed.
• Descendant Chart – Tall pictures were being overwritten by subsequent descendant info if no boxes were being used. Fixed.
• Descendant Narrative Report – A single Unknown gender child was coming out as “they had one son…” Fixed.
• FGR and Indiv Reports – HTML codes are now stripped from notes when generating to print preview.
• FGR and Indiv Reports – Now use “Address” instead of “Addr” for label on address lines.
• IGI Import – A SourceWriter citation is now included (instead of a basic-style).
• Individual Reports – Citation numbers were not showing up for events. Fixed.
• Individual and Family Reports – Fixed some formatting of life range dates when date ranges were used for birth or death.
• Intellimerge – Breaks some links to Source citation multimedia. Fixed.
• Photo Album – Multiple lines of text not displayed under picture in Photo Album. Fixed.
• Photo Album – Long subtitles were not wrapping correctly. Fixed.
• Reports – Scrapbook description overrunning page break… Fixed.
• Settings – Fixed an “Error 55: File already open” when loading/saving user settings.
• Web Pages – Individual format with a person with an unknown spouse, was not including the children. Fixed.
• Web Pages – Notes on Descendant Web pages were not showing their sources. Fixed.
• Web Pages – Private marriages on Pedigree style pages were being included without option selected. Fixed.

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