GenoPro 2011- Update Released

Posted by admin on Mar 28, 2011

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GenoPro 2011- has been released.


• New menu item to “Display Primary Picture” in the family tree.
• [New feature] New menu item “Insert Existing picture” to pick a picture from the family and display it in the family tree with individuals and family.
• Improved the “Pick Picture” dialog displays a preview of the selected picture.
• Fixed bug where the full date of birth or date of death would sometimes display in two lines instead of a single line.
• Updated the sample genogram of Harry Potter to display more pictures.
• Changed the colors representing the medical condition heart disease, alcoholism and depression to not conflict with the standard colors red and blue from Windows.
• Changed the default color for the Caretaker social relationship from black to dark green.
• Added the field “Mobile Phone” to General dialog.
• [New feature] Improved the dialog “Send File” to send .gno documents directly to GenoPro without requiring an account and/or password. This feature is very handy when doing real-time support by phone to assist a customer having problems with his/her family tree.
• Improvement to the Account Recovery dialog to make sure the new email address is different from the old email address(es).
• Fixed bug where it would be possible to add people to a minimized document. The new code automatically maximize the document when any activity occurs on a minimized document.
• Improved the Table Layout to automatically therminate the editing when switching or minimizing windows.

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