FamilyTreeFactory Update Released

Posted by admin on Mar 18, 2011

Charts and Diagrams – Windows – Purchase

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• Using the program without a license (demo mode) and printing on multiple pages, a Range error could occur. After licensing this error did not occur anymore. This bug has been fixed.
• At the loading of Profiles of Treeview Options, which contain an output language other than English, the setting of this output language could fail. This bug has been fixed.
• The new function Edit Surname, Place and Religion Lists… in the Personal Data menu allows centralized management of all data of surnames, places and religions. Using this function, changes of spelling is very easy for all occurrences of such data.
• In the Card Index Export Options dialog a new additional option allows document files to be linked externally and not to be attached to the PDF file. The external links can be saved with absolute or relative paths or without paths.
• The window for error messages (e. g. of the integrity check) can now be sized. So even very long messages can be shown inside the window. However, a hint is still shown, if the mouse points to a line containing a cropped text.
• Numerous small improvements and corrections.

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