Family Tree PHP 1.1 beta Update Released

Posted by admin on Mar 3, 2011

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Family Tree PHP 1.1 beta has been released.


• Sources and Today in History RSS feeds added.
• Searches on surnames or places, linked from the tree statistics, are now filtered on this tree.
• When a person’s gender is unknown, the ‘U’ code is now used, and the gender field is now a required field for persons.
• An event’s value is shown before the event’s date and place.
• Family box added for edit family and delete family pages.
• When adding a new record, the chosen tree is stored in a cookie and preselected for the next new record.
• Dates without a year, but with a day and/or month are now stored as ‘0000-00-00′, to prevent problems with calculations.
• Database port can be set to a non default value during installation.
• Deleting tree process can be paused when the execution time limit is reached.
• If a gedcom import fails, the gedcom file line number where the error occurred is returned.
• Optimizing tables (after importing a gedcom or deleting a tree) is done via cronjobs.
• Resetting cache and privacy flags (after importing a gedcom or deleting a tree) is done via cronjobs.
• XML sitemaps added.
• A link to the home page can be added to header and footer menus.
• Context menu shows details count for events.

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