RootsMagic Update Released

Posted by admin on Feb 12, 2011

Full Featured – Windows – Purchase

RootsMagic has been released.


• Notes for alternate names now print for group sheet and individual summary.
• Record # button didn’t work on Select People screen until you highlighted someone in the list.
• Sentence templates for user defined roles are supported in GEDCOM now.
• Alternate names are handled in the various Fact Lists (Private facts, Facts w/o sources, etc).
• Privacy works properly for alternate name facts in individual summary now.
• WebSearch works properly for names with accented characters now.
• [xUpline] was showing up in websites for privatized people with no events.
• Fixed SQLite error 21 when printing todo list for single repository sorted by repository.
• Added option to support New FamilySearch on Macs running CrossOver (Tools > File options > FamilySearch).
• Adding a new fact on the edit screen and pressing Alt+V would sometimes show incorrect data in the list.
• Can search / select on FamilySearch ID in selection screen now.
• Custom reports support printing and sorting by FamilySearch ID.
• Unicode characters in names and places transfer properly from RM to NFS.
• Fixed a few list issues.

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