GEDitCOM II 1.6 build 2 Update Released

Posted by admin on Feb 11, 2011

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GEDitCOM II 1.6 build 2 has been released.


• Python Modules – a powerful feature of Python is its abilty to use modules that contain libraries of useful functions and classes. You can write your own modules or download those written by others. GEDitCOM II now provides a “Modules” folder in it’s application support folder where it will always look for modules when running Python scripts. In addition:
– GEDitCOM II comes with a new module that provides many convenience methods and classes to help when writing Python scripts.
– You can download a module that turns GEDitCOM II into a platform for emulation of programs written for the old genealogy program called Lifelines.

• Two new and advanced scripts:
– Computer assisted merge of records.
– Creation of a complete book using LaTeX.
• Scripting Support
– Added several new scripting commands: soundex, date style, date numbers, date year, and user select
– The merge command added a “force” option to make sure the merge proceeds.
– Several new object properties were added: parent structure, previous structure, or next structure (for a structure), father and mother (for an individual).
– The notations, objects, and citations properties were changed to return only notes, multimedia objects, and sources at the next subordinate level, because that seemed to make more sense. Before it returned them at all levels and if you really need all levels, the find structures command can be used.
• Whenever you link to a new multimedia file that is not in a multimedia library folder, you will be offered the option to move or copy the file into a library folder. This alert can be turned off in the preferences.
• The menu command to copy a multimedia object to a new location can be changed to move the object by selecting the command with the option key held down.
• The Relationship panel was improved to find more unique relationships. Also, if there is more than one relationship, the panel will stay open when you get a chart in case you want to get more than one chart.
• A new home records submenu lets to assign up to 11 home records, all with keyboard equivalents (the old shift-command-H and now control-0 to control 9 as well).
• Back and forward menu commands changed to command-[ and command-] like in Safari
• The sheet to attach source, notes, multimedia objects, or research logs will remember the last one you selected. This can help, for example, when you are attaching the same source to severl records in a row.
• New report to check all internal html links in the file and to list the records that use html content.
• Control clicking on links to records will almost always have an option to detach that link. Before the option might not have been available.
• Improvements in User Interface Formats
– The “Default Format” added sort icons for events, children, and spouses.
– Fixed internal issue that sometimes causes html content rendered in an Expression field to not display at correct size and have other interface problems.
– A Repository can add multiple URLs now.
• Several issues when merging files, mostly related to notes with html content, were fixed:
– Notes with html content and internal links to records now correctly update those links during the merge. Similarly when a record is deleted, links to that record in html content are removed.
– html content linked to cascading style sheets in the multimedia objects had problems in merging or when an object was deleted. Both are now fixed.
• Other bug fixes
– Two threaded tasks (merging two files or verifying all thumbnails) could run out of memory in very large files. These memory issues were fixed.
• Improvements to the GEDitCOM Editor:
– When editing Python or Ruby scripts, tabs are converted to 4 spaces. This helps especially when aligning code as required in the Python language.
– Find line number menu command added.
– Remembers the files opened in the Scripting Editing Workspace better.

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