Behold 0.99.18 beta Update Released

Posted by admin on Feb 7, 2011

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Behold 0.99.18 beta has been released.


• Add a more complete set of FTW TEXT tag definitions to use for validation.
• Change the icon for “Up To Ancestors” from a “U” to an upside-down “A” which will be more easily identifiable.
• Use SmartSort for sorting file names in FindFiles.
• Add information about the Program, GEDCOM, Dest, Char and BOM for each GEDCOM listed in the Find Files results.
• Add the new version of Family Tree Maker to the internal list of programs that handles the CONC tag incorrectly.


• Handle surnames containing an exclamation mark without an error box popping up.
• Correct the ordering of spouses and children to correctly be the order in the FAM record rather than the order of the INDIs. This got broken in 0.99.8 beta when preprocessing “on the fly” was added.
• Get the Instant Organize to recognize the person/people under the cursor. This got broken sometime during the beta. Also remove the “&” when displaying the IO hint when it is taken from the history.
• Put back InstantOrganize so that it turns off RM and EE and sorts up to ancestors again, since this is the expected way it should be displayed.
• Reimplement the “AutoOrganize” button but as a “Reload” button which is needed to get things back after an InstantOrganize or any other changes to the Organize settings.
• Allow a “Descendants Only” ordering, which should have been in Behold from the start, but somehow wasn’t.
• Get the four family ordering toolbar items to work as a group and ensure that the active icon is disabled.
• Enable the log file toolbar icon even if the input file is invalid.
• Correctly show information for ID’s that are referred to but do not have a record structure (e.g. a reference to @I22@, but there is no @I22@ record in the GEDCOM.
• Prevent bug causing “Could not open file” error, that happened in GEDCOMs with multiple links at the end of a record, and Behold was incorrectly backing out of them.
• Make SmartSort treat numbers following a period as text, so that “5.11” will sort before “5.5”.
• Get the animated icon on the FindFiles form to work under Vista and Windows 7.
• Use the correct symbol for the sort direction in the Find Files window.
• Prevent message box from appearing when interrupting the Find Files process.
• Fix the cause of several other message boxes of various types from appearing (user reported errors).
• Try to ensure that the separator between the Tree View and the Everything Report is always grabable and moveable.
• Eliminate some residual in the redraw when switching from Top/Bottom view to Left/Right.
• Impr: Change the GEDCOM, Log File and Add Family icons so they don’t look like ugly grey blobs when they are deactivated.
• Correct the progress bar display for some input files where a progress greater than 100% is temporarily displayed.

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