Ancestor+ 3.28 Update Released

Posted by admin on Feb 4, 2011

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Ancestor+ 3.28 has been released.


• Improved graphics charts, now also includes ‘hourglass’ charts and ‘bloodline only’ charts.
• Direct import of GEDCOM.
• New functions to renumber records in the file so that record numbers can approximate the natural order of the people.
• Database has been re-structured to make it more robust and eliminate previous problems with ‘soft’ links between people.
• A partner can now be removed from a family group without breaking up the whole family.
• Chart ‘Layout’ files more fully supported and remain correct even after database sorting.
• ‘Pedigree’ charts can now be up to 7 generations and be tiled to A4 if necessary.
• The ‘User definable’ fields now each have an associated date to make recording of dated events easier.
• Individual people can now be removed from a chart where they are not relevant.
• User can choose the font used in charts.

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