The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 8.1.1 Update Released

Posted by admin on Jan 29, 2011

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The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 8.1.1 has been released.


• Ahnentafel/Register: Some strings including special characters were being displayed incorrectly under UTF• 8 (fixed).
• Albums: When adding media to an album, the image thumbnail was displayed with a fixed, smaller size (fixed).
• Albums: If more than one page of albums existed under Admin/Albums, subsequent pages were unreachable (fixed).
• Citations: New citations could not be added on systems running the latest version of MySQL (fixed).
• Diagnostics: The templateconfig.php file was in the list of files when the permissions were set incorrectly (fixed).
• Help: The Help pages did not use the custom style sheet (fixed).

• Import: Place names with apostrophes where being imported with slashes preceding each apostrophe (fixed; requires re• import).
• Import: The import failed for users with the latest version of MySQL when a citation was encountered (fixed).
• Import: The import was not importing latitude & longitude information in some cases (fixed).
• Mail: The “envelope” feature added in 8.1.0 was preventing some systems froms ending mail, so it was revoked (you can get it back by setting $envelope = true near the top of globallib.php).
• Media: The Admin/Media/Import tab will now be hidden except for administrators (full rights, no tree).
• Pedigree: Thumbnails on the pedigree produced an invalid link wherever the “old” method default photos were used (fixed).
• Relationship: An extra prefix message ($text[‘ggreat’]) was added to support languages in which “great” is different for aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces (vs. grandparents). This was supposed to be in 8.1.0 but was accidentally omitted.
• Repositories: The ID column edit link was incorrect (fixed).
• Search: The Metaphone feature did not include surname prefixes (fixed; requires re• import or re• save of individual records).
• Setup: The Table Creation tab was unreachable (fixed).
• Setup: The tables could not be created on systems running the latest version of MySQL (fixed).
• Users: The default user notification message displayed the username in the wrong place (before “Hello”) in some cases (fixed).

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