The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 8.1.0 Update Released

Posted by admin on Jan 5, 2011

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The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 8.1.0 has been released.


• Albums: Users who were assigned to a tree could not edit an album even if they had appropriate rights (fixed).
• Events: Users with Editor rights were not able to delete custom events in some cases (fixed).
• Export: Note lines that consist only of an ID (eg, “@NI123@”) will no longer be escaped with double at signs.
• Export: The PHON, EMAIL and WWW values were being exported with the CTRY tag by mistake (fixed).
• Export: Exported files will now end with a line ending character (after the TRLR marker).
• General: The inclusion of the standard style sheets has been moved out of the meta and custom meta files.

• Import: Longitude and latitude values can now be imported from a regular PLAC instance (eg, “2 PLAC…/3 MAP/4 LONG…/4 LATI…”).
• Media: The Random Photo utility will now be able to display other media types (besides photos) by passing in the new type as a URL variable ($rp_mediatypeID).
• Media: The Image Map feature was broken in v8 (fixed).
• Notes: Long notes in the “general notes” sections on the individual page will now be shown with a scrollable area in the “Personal Information” block. The General Settings can be used to change this back to the way it was previously if desired.
• Notes & Citations: These are now sortable (using drag and drop). Unfortunately the sorting does not survive if the data is re-imported.
• Pedigree: The text-only chart had “holes” in the lines when the individuals on the chart had no vital information listed (fixed).
• People: The preview window for individual data was not always displaying spouses in the correct order (fixed).
• People: The parent-child relationship indicators will now use internal values, to allow them to be translated to other languages when displayed.
• People: Modifiers (like “Aft” or “Bef”) in the “birth-death” dates under a person’s name at the top of the page were not working in any language besides English (fixed).
• People: When children were listed on the Edit Person page, their birth dates were not displayed (fixed).
• People: The “exact match” search in the Admin/People area was not working (fixed).
• Relationship: An extra prefix message ($text[‘ggreat’]) was added to support languages in which “great” is different for aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces (vs. grandparents).
• Relationship: If no relationships are found between person 1 and person 2, the two individuals will now be swapped and the process will be run again.
• Relationship: If the relationship between two people passed through a family with only one spouse, no relationship was returned (fixed).
• Repositories: The Edit link on the public repository page was broken (fixed).
• Security: The “globalization” of all GET & POST variables has been moved to a new file called “processvars.php”, and that has been moved up so it gets called before the configuration files is read.
• Templates: Templates may now be swapped without uploading any files or losing any customizations.
• Users: A new user’s username & password were not being removed from the “approved” message if that was selected in the General Settings (fixed).

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