Second Site 3.4 Update Released

Posted by admin on Jan 21, 2011

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Second Site 3.4 has been released.


• Added the Indented Descendant Chart and Indented Pedigree Chart
• Added support for Web Fonts which expands the set of font families you may use on your web pages
• Reimplemented the Descendant Chart; this corrects some long-standing limitations like missing spouses in the last generation of the chart and counter-intuitive box placement when optimizing the chart; the Optimize Space property now supports three levels of optimization
• Added the Include Marriage Date property to the Descendant and Indented Descendant charts
• Added the Generation Number property to all Descendant and Pedigree charts

• Changed the Person Entry Chart List to include all instances where a person appears in the chart
• Changed the Description property in the User Style sections to an editable field so that users may use the field for notes that describe their custom User Styles
• Added the Repeat Header Rows property to the Edit DNA Group window of the DNA Grid User Item
• Added Header and Footer to the list of content items in the Page Content section of various User Items including the Custom Page User Item; like other items in the list such as Extra Sidebar, these properties allow users to add content to a section of the page for the current page only
• Added the Open Collapsed property to the Indented Descendant and Indented Pedigree charts
• Modified the menubar and sidebar; the item for the current page, if any, will be rendered in the highlighted (hover) state


• Added the “Use font for Main Page title” checkbox property to the Stylesheets.System.Site Title section; when checked, SS will use the font-family, font-style, and font-weight parameters from the Site Title section for the Page Title on the Main Page; this simplifies the use of a special font-family for the Site Title
• Changed the method Second Site uses to reduce the number of files in the output folder when creating a site that will be published via CD or DVD: Second Site now generates the files directly into the “site” subfolder rather than moving them there after making the site
• Changed the default labels for descendant chart legends from “Female” and “Male” to “Daughter” and “Son”
• Changed the default labels for pedigree chart legends from “Female” and “Male” to “Mother” and “Father”
• Added the User Item Strings.DNA Kit Name Header property to enable setting the column header for the kit number/name column in a DNA Grid
• Changed the sort sequence for Map Item Lists; the default sort sequence for a set of places from a single Map Events entry is now alphabetic unless the Map Events entry uses a connecting line, in which case the items are sorted by the date of the earliest event at the location
• In the surname index, changed regular spaces in surnames to non-breaking spaces
• Changed the Three Columns Format to avoid an issue in Firefox where a cell border was not rendered properly


• Fixed a bug where the Create GENDEX File feature did not filter the GENDEX.txt file contents propertly
• Fixed a bug where using the Descendant Chart sometimes caused a “Subscript out of range” error
• Fixed a bug where the Accent and Boxes tabs weren’t handled correctly in multiple chart User Items
• Fixed a bug where there was a missing for duplicate entries in indented charts
• Fixed a bug where a file required for Web Fonts was not included in the installer
• Fixed a bug where the indented charts did not honor all the Page Content properties (Header, Footer, etc.)
• Changed maximum generations processing for the indented charts to work the same as the other charts
• Fixed a bug where the generation number for the subject was one in the box charts but zero in the indented charts; zero is correct and so I have updated the box charts
• Fixed a bug where the JavaScript for Map User Items was not inserted on the page correctly thus breaking all map pages
• Fixed a bug where opening a collapsed indented chart to a specific person did not change the [+] icons to [-] icons appropriately

Information for Theme and Script Authors:

• All Header Scripts and Footer Scripts were updated to accommodate the addition of Header and Footer to the list of properties in the Page Content section. If you have implemented a custom Header or Footer Script and you want to support extra content provided via the new properties, update your script using one of the scripts supplied with Second Site as a model.

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