GeneaNet: What Happened in 2010

Posted by admin on Jan 4, 2011

GeneaNet has released many new features and improvements in 2010: new Online Family Tree Software, Individual Search, Individual Match, Privacy Options, Favorite Searches, Favorites Places, Backup & Restore, Online Family Tree Statistics, Popularity of Your First Name, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Account, GeneaExchange, and some Menu reorganization and improvements.

GeneaNet has added a new feature that allows users to learn the popularity of their first name, or the one of their ancestors. Click the Popularity of Your First Name link in the left sidebar of the website, then enter a first name in the search form and it will show the percentage of individuals who are indexed in the GeneaNet family trees, by year.

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The ‘Search by First Name’ and the ‘Search by Spouse’ features have been merged to a new search form called the Individual Search with many new powerful features. Club Privilege members can now search the GeneaNet database by alternate spelling of name, by alternate spelling of first name, by occupation, and by favorite places. More, The GeneaNet ‘Individual Match’ allows Club Privilege members to automatically search for individuals that could match with any of their ancestors in the GeneaNet Online Family Trees!

GeneaExchange allows family history searchers to help each other: you make a free genealogy research in some place to help someone who do the same for you in some other place. You just need to create a research offer (in most cases it is a research in an archive deposit in the nearby of your town) and select the geographical area in which you want to find a volunteer.

GeneaNet has launched a new Online Family Tree software. This software comes with full screen mode, auto-completion feature for places, slideshow of family pictures, attached digitized documents, a family book editor, and much more. Building your GeneaNet Online Family Tree is now very easy and intuitive!

A new Privacy page has been added to configure your family tree privacy options and your family and friends access rights. You can set your data ‘Semi-Public’ (The name of individuals who lived 100 years ago will be displayed but not the dates, places, notes, etc.), ‘Private’ (Individuals who lived 100 years ago will not be displayed), or ‘Public’ (individuals who lived 100 years ago will be displayed with names, dates, places, notes, etc.)

The Search Preferences allows Club Privilege members to save some settings that will be applied to all future searches. You can enter some GeneaNet Account usernames to exclude from your search results list or you can select a Group of Contacts from your Address Book. You can restrain your search to some places and to the most popular places in your Family Tree. The GeneaNet Email Alert has been improved and it’s now called Favorite Searches. Every GeneaNet member can receive a weekly email aggregate of the latest entries that contain the surnames and places of their choice,and view the history of these latest entries.

GeneaNet allows Club Privilege members to restore an earlier version of their Online Family Tree. A backup of your latest Family Tree will be automatically done before the restore process. Available to every GeneaNet member, the backup (export) process as been improved.

GeneaNet Club Privilege members can now see and analyze the traffic data on their Public Online Family Tree (GeneWeb).The statistics can be displayed by day, week, month and year. The table shows the number of visits and unique visitors, the average time on website and the bounce rate (percentage of visitors who left the website after one page), by websites, direct entry and search engines.

GeneaNet went green with a new logo and some major enhancements have been made to the user interface.

All of these changes are a continuation of the new GeneaNet website that will be launched in 2011…

GeneaNet is now a genealogy database of 1.6 million members who share 405 million individuals in their Online Family Trees.

We thank you very much for your support and we wish you a happy new year!

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