Behold 0.99.17 beta Update Released

Posted by admin on Jan 3, 2011

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Behold 0.99.17 beta has been released.


• Read and display Family Tree for Windows GEDCOM dialect (FTW TEXT).
• Add date and place information into Event references.


• Display the line only once in the log file if it has multiple errors.
• Remove additional indentation on the extra part of continuation lines that overflow to the next line.
• Limit log file by default to 100 messages instead of 3 of each type of message.
• Display invalid GEDCOM tags in the Organize->Tags page with a bold font.

• Include additional GEDCOM tag checks in the log file, including invalid tags, removed tags, SCHEMAS section and lowercase tags.
• Handle EVEN and FACT tags using their TYPE tag for the definition. This used to be in Behold long ago. Don’t know where it got removed but it’s now back.
• Use the TYPE, ROLE and RELA tags, where applicable, as the major grouping for the tags they describe, using the tag value as the subgroup. e.g. This will give: “Nationality: Irish”, instead of “Event: Irish. Type: Nationality” and it reads much better.
• Move the CONC note from the log file to the File section of the Everything Report, since it is important information for improving incorrect looking text in the report.
• Move references to individuals (e.g. Witnesses) to the end of their description to allow them to be grouped together.


• Prevent the abend when trying to update to a new version but you can’t connect to the Behold website and give an informative message instead.
• Indent correctly when displaying a linked note inline.
• Display recursive links correctly. (Maybe not perfectly, but close enough!)
• Display notes on family info correctly.
• Update Everything Report correctly after applying a change to the CONC option on the GEDCOMs page.
• Get the Cancel button on the Organize pages to work again. This was broken in the first beta due to the conversion to Unicode. Surprising that I hadn’t noticed it earlier and nobody reported it.

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