Ancestral Quest 12.1.28 Update Released

Posted by admin on Jan 17, 2011

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Ancestral Quest 12.1.28 has been released.


• Internet Searches: In the past, you could set up customized Internet searches using the First names and Last name of any person in your file. With this build, AQ also lets you now use the birth date and place and death date and place with customized Internet searches.
• Access to Hundreds of Millions of Free Records: FamilySearch has just released hundreds of millions of indexed records, many of which have images. AQ now has built-in searches for these records to aid in your research.
• Access to Holocaust Records: Yad Vashem in Jerusalem has indexed records on roughly half of the 6 million victims of the Holocaust available for public searching. AQ now has a built-in search to access these records.
• Non-English Language Selection: A dropdown selection box of several non-English languages has been added to the main Pedigree and Family Views.
• Expanded Screens: Some of the more crowded screens, such as the Individual entry screen and the Individual Search screen were widened to provide more room and feel less crowded.

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