RootsMagic Update Released

Posted by admin on Dec 16, 2010

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RootsMagic has been released.


• Fixed problem with crashing under Windows 2000.
• Place details display for birth/death in info view at top of main screens.
• The rearrange children list now displays/sorts by christen date if no birth date exists.
• Added Last edited date as optional column in customizing People View.
• Added the newly updated FamilySearch (as of 14 Dec 2010) website to WebSearch.
• Searching by age at marriage/family events works correctly now.
• Fixed several problems with Family Origins importing.
• Added some minor enhancements to duplicate search.
• Fixed problem with footnotes sometimes printing wrong on Research Notes report.
• Private notes in PAF import are now privatized up to the next blank line.
• Fixed FTM import of citations with no master source and no footnote text.
• Fixed FTM import when multiple birth facts exist.
• Source (and detail) text and comment editors honor the font size selected for note editing.
• Minor fixes in website creation.
• Can now filter the NFS list based on named groups or ancestors of a person.
• NFS can remember users login and password, and can automatically login to NFS.
• Added numerous minor enhancements to NFS functions.

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