Second Site 3.3

Posted by admin on Nov 12, 2010

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Second Site 3.3 has been released.


• Added a Flag Filter to the Descendant and Pedigree charts.
• Added the Name Format Options in the Sources Section to control the format of name elements in source templates.
• Added the CSS box-shadow property to multiple subsections in the Stylesheets.System section; see the W3C definition for more information.
• Changed the layout of person images in the Indented Format; when there are multiple embedded person images, images flow to the right of a previous image unless there is not enough available width for the image.
• Adjusted upload process status messages.
• Fixed a bug where Second Site included a space before conditional source variables in places where TMG did not include a space.
• Fixed a bug where the HTML code included an extra alt= parameter on the IMG element on linked exhibit pages.
• Fixed a bug where using “mailto:” in the HRef for a Link User Item created an incorrect link.
• Fixed a bug in the Family History Hosting > Publish command where nested folders in the Output (-o) folder would cause an upload failure.

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