Posted by admin on Nov 12, 2010

Charts and Diagrams – Windows – Purchase

FamilyTreeFactory has been released.


• Fixed bug: Under very rare conditions, errors could occur in Ancestor Trees including siblings: The connection line at the primary person could be missing and/or siblings order was not chronological. The connection line could be shown after moving the box of the primary person manually. These bugs has been fixed.
• At the import of Gedcom files now backslashes are not removed any more, but replaced by normal slashes. The backslashes have a special function program-internally and therefore can not be imported. The substitution by normal slashes keeps for example the information in file paths.
• If with a not licensed program a treeview is printed, a warning appears now regarding the output of the word DEMO. With that expensive misprints can be avoided.
• JPEG image files with the extension *.jpeg are accepted now just the same way as files with the extension *.jpg.
• The Free Geo Objects are offering Closed Curves now, too. Closed curves are Beziér curves which form a closed shape. The included area can be filled with color.
• Free Geo Objects are defined by points. Till now, the number of points was not restricted, however, now being limited because of technical reasons regarding the new Closed Curves. The new limit is 1000 points. Free Geo Objects with more than 1000 points are not output; a message points to it.
• Numerous small improvements and corrections.

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