The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 8.0.2

Posted by admin on Oct 16, 2010

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The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 8.0.2 has been released.


• Anniversaries: Items on this page were not being sorted properly by date (fixed).
• CMS: A few fixes were made to allow TNG to work correctly in a Content Management System (CMS) environment.
• Import: The message indicating that a gedcom file was too large included characters that prevented it from being displayed (fixed).
• Languages: A few new messages were added to display events in correct sentence structure in Danish (and possibly other languages).
• Maps: Some characters in the ISO-8859-2 character set were not being displayed correctly (fixed).
• Media: The Admin/Media/Import action was not showing up in the Admin Log (fixed).

• Notes: Searches from Admin/Notes did not work if a tree was selected (fixed).
• Pedigree: Vertical lines on the text-only chart were sometimes longer than they needed to be (fixed).
• Pedigree: Adding children to a family via the pedigree chart would add the new individuals to the database, but they were not linked to the family (fixed).
• Pedigree: When adding a new family and a new parent from the pedigree, the dropdown for Branch was not populated (fixed).
• Privacy: A user linked to an individual in the database should have been able to find that person in a search, even if the user had no rights to see living data (fixed).
• Privacy: Thumbnails and previews for images linked to living individuals were sometimes visible on some pages (fixed).
• Privacy: In some cases where the user had rights to see living data, the names of living individuals were not being displayed in the search results (fixed).
• Relationship: The wrong spouse descriptor was being used with same-sex relationships (fixed).
• Repositories: The multiple select-and-delete feature did not work (fixed).
• Search: A few issues relating to the Divorce event (when it appeared in the search results) were fixed.
• Sources: The “Actual Text” data was not visible to anonymous visitors (fixed).
• Templates: Some inconsistencies were corrected in templates 4 and 5 (Warning: If you upload the new template files, you will overwrite any direct customizations you have made).
• Miscellaneous: Special characters were not being displayed correctly in some places (fixed).
• Miscellaneous: The getAllTextPath function was moved from getlang.php to globallib.php so it could be available at the right points.
• Miscellaneous: The “switchcolor” utility (to create new tabs) was referencing the wrong folder locations (fixed).
• Miscellaneous: The “spinner” image was using the wrong dimensions in some places (fixed; dimensions removed).

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