Family Tree PHP 1.0 beta

Posted by admin on Sep 7, 2010

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Family Tree PHP 1.0 beta has been released.


• Persons, families, events, sources, repositories and citations can be added and edited directly, without the need for a gedcom import.
• Language codes for non default languages are shown in the url, which enables search engines to index pages separately for all languages.
• Ancestors reports now contain all children of the ancestors, with links between generations (from child to parents and from parents to child) and between partners.
• Descendants reports now contain links from child to parents.
• Privacy flags are no longer calculated after gedcom import, but on the fly; they are cached and reset when the cache is reset; they are also updated when records are added, edited or deleted.
• Cron job functionality added for maintainance.
• Separate stastics for each tree.
• Pages can have child pages linked to them.
• Users can choose to send a comment only to the admin, without it being stored in the database.
• When a tree is deleted, the bookmarks linked to this tree are also deleted.

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