Discover 19th Century Life on the High Seas

Posted by admin on Sep 30, 2010

The National Archives (UK) has opened up and made accessible over 1,000 Royal Navy Medical Officers’ Journals (ADM 101 series), as part of an extensive cataloguing project supported by the Wellcome Trust.

The journals include a variety of colourful tales of 18th and 19th century ship life from drunken rum-related incidents (ADM 101/86/1 / ADM 101/125/3), venereal disease (ADM 101/103/2), scurvy, shark bites, tarantulas to lightning strikes (ADM 101/85/4), gun fights, mutiny, arrests and court martial (ADM 101/38/2), not to mention ship wrecks (ADM 101/77/9) and even murder.

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