Brother’s Keeper 6.4.11

Posted by admin on Sep 24, 2010

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Brother’s Keeper 6.4.11 has been released.


• (fixed) On GEDCOM export, if you picked the option to not export all events, it was still exporting ‘Cause of death’ event. That has been fixed.
• (changed) If the user picks File, Open database, it will warn if no database exists and ask if you want to create a new empty database.
• (fixed) On the Todo report it only showed the first date if there was a date range.
• (changed) On the Group sheet do not say ‘details excluded’ for children if there is no birth date (if it guessed the child was living because parents were alive, but there is no birth date for the child.)
• (new) On the Book report, Group, Descendant, and Ancestor chart, new option to have it leave off the words ‘details excluded’. In other words, it will still exclude data for living people, but just leave it blank and not print the words ‘details excluded’.

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