Behold 0.99.16 beta

Posted by admin on Sep 6, 2010

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Behold 0.99.16 beta has been released.


• Display only a single GEDCOM source line in the log file for blank lines and bad lines, rather than including them in a group of lines.
• Finish the implementation of the duplicate link checking.
• Add info about how Behold handles the GEDCOM problems in the File Information section.
• Save Organize settings to the Registry every time the settings are applied, rather than just when Behold is closed.
• Change the default to NOT go to check online for new versions, and make it just an option to automatically check. Now Behold will never go online without you allowing it or starting the action.


• Ensure the .ged and .bho file associations will open files whose filename or path have a space in them.
• Ensure selection/deselection of report sections works correctly.
• Reconnect the Help File that was accidentally disconnected last beta.
• Correctly read Report Option settings from the Registry.


• Remove full support of SCHEMAs that are deprecated from GEDCOM and were only used previously by other programs in simplistic ways. They will be adequately replaced by a few default tags.

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